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January 21, 2020
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October 8, 2020

New Ordering Guide

When ordering Davicom’s Cortex and DV-200 series products it is important to consider your site requirements, your system wiring configuration as well as the equipment you may already have on hand.

Convenient Packages

If you don’t have time to check what you have and don’t want to bother making up cables or doing punch-block wiring, you can always order the /P version of the product.  All the /P packages include:

  • A 120VAC to 12VDC power supply
  • A screw-terminal I/O board or rack-mount panel with cables
  • A temperature and humidity sensor

12VDC Operation

The first point to consider is that all Davicom products can operate from a 12VDC supply. Note that 24 and 48 V options are available, and that the Cortex360 can operate on any voltage between 10 and 30VDC. 

If you already have a 12VDC supply available, or if your site infrastructure is already set up with 12VDC, then you can skip buying our Power Supply and use your own.

Current requirements for Davicom products, in Amps @12VDC:

Davicom product Current (Amps)
Cortex-360 1
Cortex-320 0.3
DV-208 1
DV-216 2
DV-Mini 1
DV-Micro 1

Site Wiring and I/O

The second point to consider is that Davicom units all have standard chassis connectors for their Inputs and Outputs. This list shows the connector types:

  • DV-Micro: DB-25 F
  • DV-Mini: 25-pair, AMP F (Telco)
  • DV208/216: 25 pair AMP F (Telco)
  • Cortex320: DB-25 M
  • Cortex360: DB-50F

If you plan to do your own wiring and make up your own cables, you won’t need to order the cables and I/O boards/panels.

Selection Chart

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