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Leading broadcasters and telecom operators around the world rely on Davicom solutions to remotely monitor and control their transmitter sites and unattended studios, allowing them to reduce their operating costs and downtime. Davicom products are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the broadcast and wireless telecommunications industries. They have been designed and tested to withstand harsh RF environments.

Limited warranty

Comlab Telecommunications Inc. (Comlab) warrants all its products to be free from any defect in manufacture for a period of two years after delivery to the original purchaser. All warranty returns must be authorized by a Comlab representative.

The limitation of liability under this warranty shall be to repair or replace any part of the product, which proves to be defective after inspection by Comlab. This warranty shall not apply to any Comlab product that has been disassembled, modified, physically or electrically damaged, inappropriately installed, or any product that has been subjected to the conditions exceeding the applicable specifications or ratings.

Comlab assumes no liability for any direct, indirect or consequential injury, loss, economic loss, damage, fines or penalties incurred through the use, or inability to use Comlab products.

Comlab products are not intended for use in medical, life-saving, life-sustaining or critical applications. Comlab customers using or selling Comlab products for use in such applications do so at their own risk and agree to fully indemnify Comlab for any damages resulting from such improper use or sale.

Comlab reserves the right to make design changes to its products without incurring any obligation to make the same changes to previously purchased units.

This warranty is the full extent of obligation and liability assumed by Comlab with respect to its products. Comlab neither makes nor authorizes any person or company to make any other guarantee or warranty concerning its products.

Safety information

The Davicom unit should be installed by qualified technical personnel only. Installation of this device by an unqualified person could result in hazardous conditions to the installer or other personnel, and/or damage the unit or other equipment. Ensure that proper safety precautions have been taken before installing this unit and any associated equipment.

The Davicom unit is designed to meet standard safety requirements, and it is extremely important that it not be modified in any way. Modification of this equipment will void the warranty and could pose a hazard to the user of this equipment or to maintenance personnel. Service of the Davicom should be performed by qualified technical personnel who are familiar with the unit. Note that the Davicom unit is designed for indoor use in a dry location, Installation and operation in other locations could be hazardous.

Depending on your installation, the Davicom may contain HIGH VOLTAGES. Exercise caution when working in and around the unit if it is connected to your site wiring.