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August 4, 2017
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May 28, 2020

All Hands on DEX!

It all started over 6 years ago when we realized that there was a nascent community amongst our customers. Davicom users were passionate, involved and committed to the product, just as we were committed to our loyal customers, so we wanted to create a space where users could exchange information between themselves and demonstrate the neat things they were doing with their Davicom units.

But what form could this community take? Given that the greatest number of Davicom users in one place could usually be found at the annual spring NAB show in Las Vegas, our best bet was probably to set up a meeting during the show. And that’s what we did. We reserved a meeting room with breakfast for 30 people at the Harrah’s for the NAB Tuesday and sent out invitations.

The success was immediate, and our 1st Davicom EXchange breakfast took place during the 2015 NAB with a full house!  The 6 presenters showed us the creative ways they were using their Davicom units to make their jobs easier.

Presentation Power Points were posted for the community on the Davicom Facebook Group, but many potential community members were either not on FB, or were wary of this means of exchanging information. When Louis-Charles Cuierrier joined Davicom in 2017, one of his initial ideas was to create a support & knowledge-base web site, but with the launch of our new Cortex series, this project kept being delayed. In 2019 however, we finally had the time, and a student intern, Julia Ahern became available (full disclosure: Julia is my daughter), so we merged the two concepts, put all hands on DEX and built this web site.

We think that we’ve succeeded in building a world-class customer support site and are very proud of the result. We hope that you will enjoy it and that it will make your job easier.

This year (2020) we will be hosting our 6th annual DEX breakfast on Tuesday April 21st at the unique Wheelhouse, located right below the world-famous High-Roller observation wheel in Las Vegas.

And we aren’t stopping there! In the coming months, as the material comes in, we’ll be adding access to the user-forums and discussions. We’re also analyzing the possibility of holding a 2nd DEX breakfast, but this time during the annual IWCE show in March. Stay tuned!

Your comments are welcome. Please send them to dex@davicom.com

John Ahern


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