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May 22, 2022

Removal of Digital Video (HDMI) Port from Cortex 360 units

Effective March 28th 2024, Davicom Cortex 360 units will no longer be manufactured or sold with a Digital Video (HDMI) Output port. Besides removal of the corresponding hardware from our design, HDMI will no longer be supported starting with Cortex Firmware Version 6.12.xxx.

We regret having to take this decision, but given the low adoption rate of the feature by customers, as well as the high cost of Davicom’s royalty payments to the HDMI Licensing Authority, we had to go in this direction. In addition, the performance obtained from this output port was less than what we normally expected from our Davicom products.

In the unlikely case where you are using the HDMI output port on your Cortex 360 unit, you must not upgrade your firmware beyond Version 6.10.xxx as this will disable the HDMI output.

Since the HDMI Royalty payments have been made on all Cortex 360 units sold before March 28th 2024, these products can continue to use the HDMI feature. They can also be repaired and updated, as long as the update does not go beyond Firmware Version 6.08.29286.

If you are not using the HDMI output, and never plan to do so in the future, you can obviously update your firmware to whatever version is desired.

We apologize in advance to any customer adversely affected by this decision.

Please contact Davicom Support if you have further questions or concerns.

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