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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I get the latest software and firmware?

    Visit the Software & Firmware page.

  • How do I connect a MEXM in RTU and/or TCP mode?

    How to connect to a MEXM in RTU mode

    To connect a MEXM to a Davicom unit in RTU mode, use the USB cable provided with the MEXM and connect it between the MEXM USB connector (Device) and the USB connector located on the rear panel of the Davicom unit (Host)…

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    How to connect to a MEXM in TCP mode

    Connecting a MEXM to a Davicom unit via an Ethernet switch or an existing network infrastructure requires the use of a straight Ethernet cable (not included with the MEXM)…

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  • How do I connect “locally” to a Davicom?

    Connecting locally to a Cortex 360

    In order to connect to the Cortex 360 through the local USB port, via telephone or over a narrowband radio or serial link, DavLink 6 is required. For the USB connection, Davicom’s USB driver is also required. It is included on the installation CD or it can also be found on the Software & Firmware page. Once you have installed the USB driver, please connect your computer to the Cortex’s front-panel USB port and then start DavLink. Once started, DavLink will display its main screen. Go to the upper left of this screen to see…

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    Connecting locally to a DV-200

    If you are using your computer’s USB port, you will need a Type A/B USB device cable (version 1.1 or above). If you are using your computer serial port, you will need a male-female 9-pin serial cable (not a null-modem cable)…

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  • What is the default IP address of a Davicom?

    The default IP address of a Cortex or DV-200 unit is .

  • What is a workspace?

    Workspaces are GUI display templates that can show the state and/or the value of every Input, Output, or Flag that exists in the Cortex 360. Workspaces can show different content, based on a user’s preferences, or display device. For example, specific workspaces can be set up for site information display on smartphones, tablets, laptops or large-screen monitors.

    Workspaces can be created by users. See this article.

    Default workspace main screen (Cortex 360)
    Typical user-created advanced workspace (Cortex 360)
  • My browser shows that the connection with the Cortex is not secure, what can I do?

    Load the web certificate to your browser. Please refer to this article.

  • DavLink does not show the same workspace as when using the Cortex web browser, why?

    DavLink loads its workspace from within the computer, whereas the browser opens its workspace from the Cortex itself.

  • What are the default usernames and passwords?
  • How do I connect to a Davicom?

    How to connect to a Cortex 360

    Communications with Davicom’s Cortex 360 for configuration and control can be achieved via an Ethernet connection or over a USB port. The Cortex 360 interface uses HTML 5 in both cases because DavLink 6 also embeds this technology. DavLink 6 is backward compatible with legacy DV-200 series…

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    How to connect to a DV-200

    In order to get your new DV-200 unit ready for configuration, you need to connect your computer directly to the unit. The initial configuration of a Davicom unit cannot be performed remotely…

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  • How do I do a firmware upgrade?

    Cortex 360


    In order to take advantage of all the new features introduced in newer versions, we generally recommend you upgrade your Davicom unit firmware to the latest version compatible with your hardware. Please visit the Software & Firmware page regularly for the latest DavLink software and Davicom firmware downloads…

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  • How do I contact support?
  • How do I do a Factory Reset?

    Cortex 320

    In the event that a reset of the unit to factory default settings should be required or desired, follow this procedure…

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    Cortex 360

    Before performing a Factory Reset you must save the Cortex 360 unit’s configuration. To save the configuration…

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  • How much data bandwidth do Cortex Series products use?

    At the initial connection, Cortex-Series products will typically transmit about 850kB in web-browser mode and 83kB in DavLink mode. Following this initial connection, typical data throughput is 1.5kB/sec in web mode and 3.7kB in DavLink mode.

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