Why and How to Resize Cortex Workspaces

Cortex Workspaces have a default work area set to 1900 x 800 pixels. This size might not be a good fit for smaller or larger viewing monitors, as both the Workspace size and resolution of the viewing device affect the overall displayed result.

If a Workspace has a lower resolution than the viewing display, the end result will be that the Workspace and its content will appear smaller. On the other hand, if a Workspace has a higher resolution than the viewing device, the result will be that the Workspace will be larger than the display and require scrolling to move around the different areas.

To obtain the best display results, the Workspace size must be as close as possible to the size of the monitor used to view the workspace.

Note that since individual Cortex users can be assigned their own specific Workspaces, it becomes possible to have Workspaces sizes that match the viewing environment of any user (video wall, desktop, tablet, smartphone…)

If you are not familiar with the process of editing Workspaces, please see the articles Cortex Graphic edition menu explained, and Introduction to Workspace Edition, Creation and Saving.

To begin, enable the Edit Mode by clicking on the small top left arrow.

Next, do a mouse right-click anywhere in an empty area of the Workspace, then click on Edit from the contextual menu.

In the Panel Properties box that comes up, set the new Width and/or Height values as needed. Changes take place immediately, thus allowing you to immediately see what the end result will appear like.

When done, save the Workspace, then reload it into the Cortex. If you are unfamiliar with these steps, please see Introduction to Workspace Edition, Creation and Saving, and How to Upload a Workspace in a Cortex.

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