Administration Menu Explained (Cortex series)


The Administration menu gives access to critical controls that, if misused, could cause loss of communications with the Cortex, and require a trip to the remote site to fix.

User-rights apply to some of the following commands. You must be logged-on as a Supervisor or higher to see these menu options.

1 – TAKE CONTROL: Allows a user with the proper access rights to take control away from another user.

2 – UPDATE CERTIFICATE: Regenerate the unit’s HTTPS certificate. Might be required in some situations where a unit’s IP address is changed.

3 – FEATURE KEY: Used for installation of paid options such as SNMP upgrade packages.

4 – FACTORY RESET: Reset the unit to the factory default settings.

5 – DAVICOM TO PC: Transfer the configuration file from the unit to the computer.

6 – CURRENT FIRMWARE: Version number of the current firmware running in the unit.

7 – PREVIOUS FIRMWARE: Version number of the firmware that was previously running in unit. This firmware version is stored in unit and is available for reload.

8 – REBOOT: Restart the unit.

9 – FACTORY TEST: Factory use only and not available to users.

10 – CALIBRATION: Calibrate the Metering Inputs by nulling out any offsets. Originally done at factory. Usually not required by users, but might be needed in some particular circumstances. Disconnect all I/O cables before doing a calibration.

11 – ERASE CONFIG: Erase the unit’s configuration (IP settings are not affected).

12 – PC TO DAVICOM: Transfer the configuration file from the computer to the unit.

13 – UPGRADE: Upgrade the unit to another firmware version.

14 – LOAD PREVIOUS: Load the previous firmware version stored in the unit.

15 – REFRESH: Refresh the screen content.

16 – EXIT: Exit menu.

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