System Status View Menu Explained (Cortex series)

System Status View

The System Status View is a screen that shows information and overall status of different settings and I/O’s at the site.It shows, at a glance, the general status of the site and whether any alarms are active or inputs disabled.

1 – SITE NAME: Name of the site.

2 – SITE ID: ID number of the site.

3 – ASA RECEIVED or NO ALARMS: Message that shows current status such as Alarm, Waiting for Alarm Acknowledge…

4 – ALARM CALLS ARE DISABLED: Indicates whether the Alarm-Calls are enable or disabled.

5 – METERING INPUTS ARE CALIBRATED: Shows the calibration state of the Metering Inputs.

6 – ACTIVE ALARMS: Lists all active alarms.

7 – DISABLED INPUTS: Lists every disabled input.

8 – RELAYS: Lists every energized relay.

9 – ACTIVE FLAGS: Lists every active flag.

10 – REFRESH / READ: Refresh / read the screen content.

11 – EXIT: Exit menu.

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