Setting Up and Connecting MEXM Units in RTU Mode

Setting up a MEXM in RTU mode

To configure a MEXM in RTU mode, set the TCP/RTU communications-mode selector switch to any position between 1 and 7. When more than one MEXM are used in RTU mode, each unit TCP/RTU communications-mode selector switch must be set to a different value.

Default MEXM RTU parameters are shown in the table below.

Baud Rate 115200
Parity N

Default MEXM RTU parameters

Connecting MEXM units in RTU mode

To connect a MEXM to a Davicom unit in RTU mode, use the USB cable provided with the MEXM and connect it between the MEXM USB connector (Device) and the USB connector located on the rear panel of the Davicom unit (Host).

To add more MEXM devices in RTU mode, connect them in “daisy-chain” with the provided RJ9 cables as shown in Figure 2, the first MEXM being connected to a Davicom unit with the USB cable. Each MEXM must be set to a different RTU Address (see Section 1 Setting up a MEXM in RTU mode).

Three RTU-mode MEXM units connected to a Davicom unit
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