Relay Operating Modes (Cortex series)

An operating mode defines how a relay will work. Four (4) modes are available: FOLLOW/LATCH, PULSE ONLY, ANY OR AUTOMATIC ONLY. These modes, among other things, represent safety measures to prevent relays from behaving incorrectly, either from automatic control or from human intervention.

FOLLOW / LATCH This operating mode only allows a relay to be controlled either as a follower or as a latching relay.

Follow: Relay activation follows the state of the input that controls it.

Latch: Relay activates and stay activated for as long as a Release command (manual or automatic) is not sent by the input that controls it.

PULSE ONLY This operating mode only allows a relay to pulse. It will pulse for the time duration set in its configuration menu. Default duration is 1 second.

ANY Relay is permitted be activated in all modes: follow, latch, pulse, and manual activation.

AUTOMATIC ONLY The relay will exclusively be controlled by the Cortex, no manual control is allowed (The 3 other operating modes can still apply).

The graph below shows operation mode examples in relationship to a Metering Input as the controlling source.

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