Quick Workspace Cheat-Sheet

Workspace Management Cheat Sheet

(Load, Upload, Assign, Delete)

  1. To start, connect to the Cortex unit with a web browser (Chrome is recommended).
  1. To open (Load) a particular workspace, click the edit arrow on top left to access workspace edit mode.
  2. Use the floating toolbar on the right to browse and find the workspace you want to open (Open from PC icon).
  3. Reply No to the Workspace-Merge pop-up question and the selected workspace will load into your PC’s RAM memory and open.
  1. To Upload a selected workspace to the Cortex and assign it to a particular user, the workspace must first be transferred to the unit.
  2. Go to System/Workspaces/PC to unit, and select the 1Wxx workspace slot in which you want to store the workspace.
  3. In the Workspace Name field on the right, enter a name for the workspace.
  4. Next, click the Transfer Workspace icon next to the trash-can on the left, and browse to find the workspace you want to transfer.
  5. Select the desired workspace, and click open to start the upload.
  6. After the workspace has been transferred to the selected 1Wxx slot it can be assigned to any user.
  7. NOTE: The uploaded workspace can be visualised by pressing the F5 key (Reload command) for the browser.
  1. To Assign this or any workspace to yourself or another user, go to System/Users, and select the user to whom the workspace is to be assigned.
  2. Click the Tools icon and then select the 1Wxx slot which has the workspace you want to assign.
  3. Click the Save icon on the bottom right to complete the assignment procedure.
  4. When the user now connects to the unit, the assigned workspace will be displayed for them.
  5. Currently-connected users can assign a stored workspace to themselves by repeating steps 11, 12, & 13.
  1. To Delete a workspace, go to System/Workspaces/Rename or Delete, and select the 1Wxx workspace to delete.
  2. Click the trash-can icon on the bottom left and confirm the deletion.

Workspace Editing Notes:

>>Any workspace file loaded in PC RAM memory can be modified and saved when in Workspace Edit mode.

>>To replace or add a workspace in the Cortex with a modified version, it must be saved (Save To PC), and then transferred to the Cortex using steps 6-10 in the procedure.>>To copy/save a 1Wxx workspace from the Cortex to your PC, go to System/Workspaces Unit-To-PC, select the workspace to copy, and click the Transfer Workspace icon.

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