Installing DavLink Software and Davicom Firmware & Utilities

The DVD provided with your Davicom unit includes the DavLink installation program that will install the DavLink software on your computer. The DVD also includes the Davicom Firmware & Utilities installation program that will copy the firmware and utilities files to your computer.

Note: In case you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, we have provided a free version supported by Windows XP and higher, that you can install in order to read the PDF documentation provided with the Davicom unit.

Minimum system requirements for your computer:

  • Any modern computer running Windows XP or higher (Win 7/8/10 recommended)
  • One modem (internal or external), if no IP connection
  • 17″ color monitor recommended
  • DVD reader and printer recommended

DavLink software

DavLink is the Windows-based software program used for communications, remote control and configuration of Davicom units.

The latest version is included in the installation DVD provided with each Davicom unit purchased. You can also download DavLink from the Davicom website, when you are registered as a member.

Insert the DVD in your computer (or run the DavLink5xx_x.exe file you downloaded) and wait for the autorun window.

Click the Install DavLink icon () and follow the instructions on the screen to install the software on your computer.

If an older version is detected under C:\Program Files(x86)\Davicom, the installation program might prompt you to Modify, Repair or Remove the detected version. We recommend you select Remove in order to uninstall the older version of DavLink. Click Yes to completely remove the older version (note that this process will not erase your current Dial Directory file). You will then be brought back to the installation program window (refer to image above). Click the DavLink icon () to run the DavLink installation program a second time in order to install the latest version of DavLink. This time you will be asked if you wish to keep your directory. Select YES when asked to keep data from a previous version if you wish to preserve your existing directory information.

Note: If an older version of DavLink was previously installed on your computer under C:\MacComm, it will not be detected by the installation program because newer versions now install under C:\Program Files(x86)\Davicom with C:\Davicom\DavLink as the data folder. If you wish to keep using your directory, you should contact our support department and send us your MacComm.mdb file for conversion. Save the MacComm.mdb file (if applicable) in a different directory, then remove the older MacComm software (in the Windows Control Panel, click Add or Remove Programs and select the older version of MacComm).

Davicom firmware and utilities

Davicom firmware and utilities include a copy of the firmware installed in your new Davicom unit. The firmware is the internal control program that runs the Davicom unit.

The utilities include a configuration file manager that allows you to view, print and convert the configuration of your Davicom unit, and a sensor curve fitting utility (Excel spreadsheet).

The latest version of firmware and utilities is included in the Davicom installation DVD provided with each Davicom unit purchased. You can also download the Davicom firmware and utilities from the Software & Firmware page when you are registered as a member.

Once you are finished with the installation of DavLink, the installation program will bring you back to the program installation window.

Click the Install Firmware & Utilities icon () (or the DavFWandUtil5xx_x.exe file you downloaded) and follow the instructions on the screen to save a copy of the firmware and install the utilities on your computer.

Each firmware version is saved under a different directory name on your computer (C:\Program Files(x86)\Davicom\Davicom\Firmware\5xx_x). Utilities are always installed in the same directory (C:\Program Files(x86)\Davicom\Davicom\Utilities), which ensures older utilities versions are overwritten by newer ones.

Note: Davicom units are delivered with the latest version of firmware already installed. You do not have to upload the firmware into your new Davicom unit. To upgrade your firmware to a newer version, refer to this article.

Davicom USB driver

After the firmware and utilities have been installed, the USB driver files must be installed on your computer to allow local USB communications through the front panel of the Davicom unit. Click the Install Davicom USB driver icon and follow the instructions on the screen.

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