How to Monitor Your Tower Light Status (DV-200)

For safety reasons, tower owners or users are required by government authorities to have proper lighting on their tower. They must also replace any defective lights quickly or actions could be taken against them by the regulatory authorities.

Unless you or other personnel have constant direct eye-contact with the tower, it is almost impossible to know whether or not its lights are on or off.

By having an on-site remote control like a Davicom along with a proper current sensor, it is very easy to monitor tower light status and be advised if a light is on or off depending on your specific tower lighting schedule (always on, off during daytime, flashing, etc.)

A clamp-on style current-inducing sensor similar to the one shown in figure 1 that converts current into a voltage output can easily and quickly be installed and connected to one of the Davicom unit’s analog inputs. By monitoring the maximum current draw of the lighting circuit, any drop of current caused by a light defect would be detected and could trigger an alarm.

Davicom SACCS-1 120 VAC Current Sensor and typical application circuit

The Davicom unit also has a built-in sunset/sunrise algorithm that can be used to turn obstruction lights off during daytime or to switch to high power daytime lights.

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