How to Retrieve Workspaces from a Cortex

The Cortex allows any of its stored Workspaces to be retrieved (downloaded) from the unit. This feature provides a way to obtain a Workspace that might be missing, have been lost, or for which the only known copy is the one in the Cortex unit.

From the Cortex top menu, go to System > Workspaces. The Workspace menu screen comes up. Click on the Unit to PC tab.

Under Workspaces, from the drop down menu, select the Workspace to be downloaded. As an example, we’ve selected the one stored at location 3 (1W3).

Once the selection is made, click on the Transfer icon as shown below.

Depending on your browser settings, the file will either download automatically into your “Downloads” folder, or a browser window will open. You can then select the location where you wish to download the file, along with a new filename, if you prefer to change it.

To set your browser to not automatically download the files, and give you the location & name option instead, look for the Advanced Download option in your browser settings.

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