Front and Rear Panel Descriptions (MEXM)

Front panel

The MEXM front panel is free of any parts. This allows the installation of MEXM units in racks (front or rear mounting) or on any flat surface, thus allowing direct access to I/O connectors, controls and configuration switches.

Rear panel

The rear panel is divided into sections identified by colors. Blue is assigned to Status inputs, Orange to relays and Gray to Metering inputs.

  1. 12 VDC power led indicator
  2. 12 VDC input power screw terminals
  3. RJ-45 Ethernet jack for TCP communications mode
  4. Ethernet Activity/Link leds
  5. USB port for RTU communication mode
  6. RJ9 connectors for daisy-chain in RTU communications mode
  7. Slave ID 7-segment led indicator
  8. TCP/RTU communications mode selector
  9. Relays screw terminals
  10. 1Metering inputs screw terminals
  11. Status inputs screw terminals
  12. Status inputs ground selection DIP switches
  13. Status inputs pull-up selection DIP switches
  14. Relays/Open collector selection DIP switches
  15. Factory reset switch 16. Ground screw terminal
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