Front and Rear Panel Descriptions (DV-Micro)

Front Panel

: Local Communications USB port

DC POWER: Green LED lights when the unit is powered and turned on.

MINOR ALARM LED: Yellow LED lights when a Minor Alarm occurs.

MAJOR ALARM LED: Red LED lights when a Major Alarm occurs.

COMMUNICATION: Blue LED lights when unit communicates externally.

USER ONLINE: Blue LED lights when a user is connected to the unit.

ACTIVITY: Blue LED blinks when the unit is working properly.


Button: Allows the user to switch to Local mode.

Indicator: Red LED blinks when the unit is in Local Mode.

NOTE: If MAJOR ALARM LED is blinking, the unit has lost communications with one of its Modbus slaves.

Rear Panel

1: XLR4 connector for 12 Vdc input power

2: 3 A fuse

3: Ground screw terminal, for lightning protection

4: Power Fail (PF) Connector for a 9 Vdc wall transformer, to monitor main site power failures

5a: J1 RELAYS : DB 25-pin relays connector

5b: J2 METERING/STATUS : DB 25-pin Metering and Status inputs connector

6: Audio monitoring input for monitoring over phone line with internal modem

7: RJ-45 Ethernet jack for IP connection to the outside world through the site LAN/WAN or the Internet

8: RJ-11 telephone line jack, for the optional internal modem

9: USB host port, for data logging or other USB devices

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