Enabling and Configuring Cortex Inputs

By default, following a Factory Reset or after an Erase Config command, all Cortex inputs are disabled. These inputs include Metering, Status, Math Function, SNMP GET, MEXM Metering & Status as well as other inputs from Modbus devices.

Unless you load a configuration file into the Cortex, every input must be enabled in order to be configured and used. The process is the same for all inputs, so we’ve provided setup examples for a Cortex Metering Input, and a MEXM Metering Input below.

One quick way to enable and configure inputs is from within the main workspace itself. Simply right-click on the desired input and then click on Configure. Once the configuration is done and saved, the input will be enabled and available to use.

Accessing the configuration menu of a Metering Input directly from a Cortex workspace.

If the input you want to enable or configure is not visible in the workspace, it can be reached from the top menu under Inputs. For this Metering Input example, go to Inputs > Metering Inputs. In the screen that appears, click on the Add (+) button.

An empty Cortex main Metering Inputs status screen.

From the top drop-down Metering Input ID list, select the Input to enable and configure. Once the input is selected, fill-in the fields from both the Description and Actions tabs, then click on the Save icon (disk).

Drop-down list of the 8 on-board Cortex Metering Inputs that appear in the Metering Input configuration screen.

For a MEXM module (or Modbus device) connected to the Cortex, available Metering Inputs will also show-up here. Based on the ID to which the MEXM is set (or assigned), the Metering Inputs would appear as 1MA1, 1MA2, 1MA3, 1MA4, etc. for an ID set to 1, and 2MA1, 2MA2, 2MA3, 2MA4, etc. for an ID set to 2, and so on. The screenshot below shows the Metering Inputs of a MEXM having an ID set to 1.

List of available MEXM Metering Inputs that appear in the Metering Input configuration screen.

Once enabled, an input will appear in the main Metering Inputs status screen.

A configured Cortex Metering Input appears in the main Metering Inputs status screen.
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