DV-200 2L76 3-Volt RAM Battery Hack

The 3-volt RAM battery used in Davicom Remote Site Management products is a 2L76. This battery is actually equivalent to a stack of two very common 1.5 volt button-cells such as the L76, A76, S76, LR44, SR44, 303, 357, AG13, etc.

Should you ever run into a situation where you have a weak (lower than about 2.3 volts) or dead Davicom 2L76 RAM battery and don’t have an identical replacement readily available, you can use two of the single- cell 1.5 volt battery types listed above and you will be up and running in no time.

Note that the small contact is the minus ( – ) and that it must face towards the rear of the unit when installed in the socket.

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