DavLink Communications Software

DavLink is the Windows-based software program used for communications, remote control and configuration of Davicom units. DavLink also allows you to configure some of your computer’s settings in order to make them compatible with the Davicom unit’s parameters. The latest version of DavLink is included in the installation CD that comes with each Davicom unit.

In order to communicate with Davicom units (other than by voice interface), DavLink needs to be installed on the computer you are using. Instead of DavLink, you can also use a Web Browser to connect in HTTPS mode. However, DavLink provides a friendlier graphical user interface, and also allows you to configure a site dial-directory. The dial directory, which is the equivalent of a phone book for the Davicom sites, is useful if you have several Davicom units in different locations. DavLink also allows one to design customized control and monitoring screens for each site. Supervisors can also configure several DavLink users if different persons work on the same computer (during work shifts for example). Each DavLink user can have their own access level, and can select their own screens for each site, in the language of their choice.

If you are using someone else’s computer which has the DavLink software installed, you will still be able to connect to Davicom units if you remember the site telephone number/IP address, as well as your Davicom unit username and password. You might have access to the site directory on that computer, if you have been issued a DavLink username and password for the computer, but that directory might differ from yours and might not include the sites you wish to connect to. Finally, you will not be able to display any of the customized view panels you might have created on your own computer since DavLink settings are independent from one computer to another.

Although some limitations apply, all newer versions of DavLink software are backwards compatible with older Davicom models and older Davicom firmware versions. You can therefore upgrade your DavLink software as new versions become available, and still be able to connect to all your legacy Davicom units. Please visit the Software & Firmware page regularly for the latest DavLink software downloads. Note that some features offered in newer DavLink versions will not be available when connecting to older Davicom units because of hardware and software limitations. Contact us for details.

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