Cortex 360 Specifications

Specification Number Description
Metering (Analog) Inputs 8Resolution: 12 bits;
Selectable ranges: 0.5, 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 40 & 80 VDC;
4-20mA input mode jumper selectable;
Impedance = 1 MΩ;
Audio Rectifier: software selectable.
Status (Digital) Inputs 16Independent grounds on each input;
Impedance > 22 kΩ;
Detection Levels: -12 to 0.8 VDC (low), +2.4 to +12 VDC (high). Activity monitoring & cumulative run-time on all inputs
Audio Inputs for remote listening 2Via dial-up & IP streaming.
Streaming sampling rate: 8kS/s to 48kS/s software
Impedance: Line-in=29kΩ, Mic-in=2.9kΩ
Outputs (Commands) 8Selectable NO/NC dry contact relays
(70 VAC @ 0.4A, 30 VDC @ 2A) or open collector (100 mA)
Auxiliary DC Outputs 25 VDC @ 500mA max, 12VDC @ 500mA max
Local Access Port 1USB type B connector located on front panel.
Serial Ports for On-Site Ancillary Equipment 1 + 81200 to 115200 bps, DB9 male connector located on
rear panel. Extra 8 ports through 4-port USB hub + 4-port
external hub.
Internal Modem 1RJ-11 jack located on rear panel;
56 kbps maximum;
Fax up to 14400 bps;
DTMF interface.
External Modems through USB Hub 4USB modems required. Must support Linux CDC drivers.
USB Hub 4Built-in, 4-port. External USB Storage through USB Hub 4 Up
to 4 external
External USB Storage through USB Hub 4Up to 4 external USB memory devices. FAT32 formatted.
Ethernet ports 4Built-in switch, 4-port, 100 base T
Real Time Clock (RTC) YESWith 10 year backup battery. Optional sync to 50/60 Hz utility power. Optional TCXO. Optional 1 MHz or 1 PPS GPS clock
Network Monitoring 64Network Pings to on-site or off-site IP addresses.
Virtual Logic Gates 128Logic decision points for automatic actions and controls.
Event scheduler & masker 128Timers to trigger events or mask inputs at specific times. Ondays, dates, weeks, months or years and combinations
SNMP Agent YESV1, V2c, V3. Full access to control & monitor all functions of the Cortex 360 unit
SNMP Manager YES128 GET, 128 SET, 128 TRAP/INFORM. Optionally expandable to 1024 GET, 1024 SET, 1024 TRAP/INFORM.
Smartphone App YESAndroid & iOS
Backhaul modesDial-up, Ethernet, Cellular-data, Satellite, 2-way radio link.
Alarm transmission modesVoice, SMS, E-Mail (with TXT & XML attachments), SNMP
TRAP, Smartphone Notification, Pager, FAX, DavNet (Dial-up & IP).
Voice response languagesEnglish, Spanish, French. Others available by request.
Protocols supportedHTTP, HTTPS, SNMP, FTP, DHCP, SMTP, DNS, NTP, ModBus
Electric Field ImmunityTested to 10 V/m.
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) ImmunityTested to 12 kV.
Operating voltage/current10 to 30 VDC. Typically 0.3 A @12VDC. Dual PSU inputs.
Fuse250 V, 3 A.
Operating Temperature Range-40°C to +80°C, (-40°F to +176°F)
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