Ancillary Equipment Network Ping (DV-200)

Ancillary equipment network ping (xNyy)

The Davicom has the ability to monitor the state of your IP network and of networkenabled devices. This monitoring function is achieved through the use of standard PING commands. Every 1 to 99 minutes, the Davicom sends the configured PING requests to the equipment at the specified IP addresses. If it does NOT receive the standard PING reply to these requests, it sets a PING flag (xNyy) high for the device or address that did not respond. These flags can then be used as operands for Virtual Logic Gates to produce alarms, log events or even, for example, to restart network control equipment if it becomes unstable. To do this the Davicom can use its relays to power-cycle the affected equipment.

To configure PING commands, click the Unit Configuration icon () then the General tab in DavLink and select IP Parameters in the Ping Configuration tab.

Note: Davicom users with Operator access level do not have access to the IP Parameters configuration screen. Administrators can only access the Ping Configuration tab.

IP Parameters window (Ping Configuration)

To configure a PING command, select the ping ID (click the ID number) in the upper section of the dialog box, set the following parameters in the lower part and then click Change.

ID: Ping identification number. (xNyy)

Default Description: Long Unicode description for each ping. (Maximum 30 alphanumerical Unicode characters). Refer to this article for more details.

Alternate Description: Short ASCII description for each ping. (Maximum 18 alphanumerical ASCII characters).

Ping Address: Required field if you want your Davicom unit to be able to ping your IP network and network-enabled devices. A unique number consisting of 4 parts separated by dots or an URL (ex: or

Note: Ensure the address is valid and that it can normally be accessed in your on-site network. If the address used is a public Internet address, ping fail flags can be randomly generated, especially if the server blocks ping requests.

Ping Period Required field to set the period interval of the equipment to be polled. This parameter ranges from 1 to 99 minutes. Default value is 1 minute.

To configure more PING commands, select another ping ID (click the ID number), set its parameters and then click Change.

To delete PING commands, select the appropriate ping ID (click the ID number) and click Delete.

Once you are done with the configuration of PING commands, click OK. When asked if you wish to upgrade the Davicom’s memory, click Yes.

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