About the MEXM Davicom Expansion Module

The Davicom MEXM unit has been designed to be used with the Davicom series of Remote Monitoring and Alarm Control systems. The MEXM is an easy and cost effective solution to increase the Davicom units monitoring capabilities by offering additional analog, digital and relay I/Os.

The MEXM uses the Modbus communications protocol and can be used with third party Modbus equipment. However, when used with a Davicom unit, communication is completely transparent and does not require any technical knowledge of the Modbus protocol.

The table below shows how many analog (metering), digital (status) and relay I/Os are available on two MEXM models that are currently available (the MEXM-1 and MEXM-2).

Number of I / Os

MEXM-1 24 24 24
MEXM-2 0 64 0

MEXM-1 / MEXM-2 I/O distribution

The MEXM-1 adds 24 analog, 24 digital and 24 relay outputs to any Davicom unit while the MEXM-2 adds 64 digital inputs. The additional I/Os can be accessed and programmed through DavLink’s software as easily as the Davicom’s standard I/Os. The MEXM’s I/Os scan rate depends on the number of units connected and the communication mode selected. The maximum achievable scan rate is close to 10 Hz.

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