About the DADS-1

Davicom’s AES/EBU Audio Detector Switcher (DADS-01) is designed to be used as an automatic or manual switch for AES/EBU digital audio signals. It offers all the necessary inputs and outputs so it can be controlled and monitored by other equipment such as the Davicom monitoring and control units (RTU). It can also be used as a standalone device.

The DADS-01 has sophisticated audio level detection algorithms that enable thresholds with delays to be programmed on each of its three input sources (2 digital, 1 analog).

The DADS-01 offers the following features:

  • Normal and Low Level threshold settings on all input sources (0-99dBFS)
  • Normal and Low Level delay on all input channels (0-99 s)
  • Automatic or manual operation
  • Rear panel monitoring and control I/Os
  • USB port for connection to a PC or a Davicom RTU(DV-Micro, DV-Mini or DV-208/216)
  • 2 digital audio inputs, 1 analog audio input, 1 digital audio output
  • Test Tone -20 dBFS (1 kHz on Left channel, 400 Hz on Right channel)
  • Audio pass-through in case of power supply failure
  • Hardware Reset from rear panel connector
  • Auto reset on low voltage supply detection
  • Jumper selectable bypass on power-fail (AES IN1 or AES IN2 to AES OUT)
  • Jumper selectable sampling rate on analog input (32 kHz to 192 kHz)
  • Jumper selectable sensitivity on analog input
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