Lithium Metal Batteries as Cargo in 2015
February 10, 2015
Thank-you to the participants in our first DEX breakfast!
April 22, 2015

Final preparation for the spring NAB Show


The annual NAB mega show starts in a bit less than 2 weeks and we’re pretty much all ready. The crates of show-stuff are on their way and we’re ironing out the final details of our first Davicom Exchange forum, or the DEX as we’ve come to call it. We hope this breakfast on Tuesday morning will turn into an annual must-attend event for all our customers and fans who attend the NAB show.

Speaking of the NAB, I’ve always wondered if it was the 2nd biggest show in Vegas after the CES. Well, it turns out that it’s the 3rd biggest. Here is a table of the data from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority web site. It lists the top-10 shows by number of attendees:

  1.  International CES 2016: 163000
  2. Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week (AAIW) 2015: 140000
  3. National Association of Broadcasters 2015: 98000
  4. Las Vegas Market – Summer 2015: 50000
  5. Las Vegas Market – Winter 2016: 50000
  6. World of Concrete 2016: 48000
  7. ASD Las Vegas – August 2015: 44000
  8. 2015 Pack Expo Las Vegas: 43000
  9. Super Mobility Week: 40000
  10. Nightclub and Bar Show 2016: 39000

I wonder what the booths look like at the Nightclub and Bar Show? 


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