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October 6, 2015
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August 4, 2017

Dear Daddy

From: Becky Dornster [mailto:becky.dornster@gmail.com] Sent: January-13-16 10:22
To: Bucky@wkrp.fm
Subject: I never see you any more

Dear Daddy,

I’m sending you this e-mail because I never get to see you anymore. When I get up for school in the morning, either you’re already gone, or you’re sound asleep because you worked all night at that transmitter site of yours. Come to think of it, that transmitter site woke me up twice last night when the phone rang. I could hear you muttering about all those false alarms you could do nothing about.

When I was little, you explained to me why your work was so important, about how your transmitter site had to always be ready in case of emergencies like tornadoes or hurricanes, about how people counted on you to keep them connected, informed and involved in our community.  I understand that and am proud that you are such an important link in this chain.

I just wish you’d give yourself a chance. This is 2015, why do you have to travel 2 hours to go to a transmitter site when I can control a telescope on the Canary Islands by using my iPod?

So why can’t this transmitter site be controlled and tested from home? Why does it have to keep calling on the phone in the middle of the night and waking us all up? Why doesn’t the site call your boss, Mr Carlson every night to wake him up instead?

Like you keep telling me for my homework: work smarter, not harder. So I Googled “intelligent transmitter remote control” and found this web site from a company called Davicom. They have a box that can control and monitor everything in your transmitter site, and do it intelligently, without sending you all those false alarms. They even have an App to control these sites. I tested it out on the school’s iPad with Mr Nessman in science class and he was impressed.

Now why couldn’t Mr Carlson let you buy this Intelligent Remote Control? I’m sure he’d agree quickly enough if HE was the one being called every night. That Davicom company says that if you save one trip a month to your site, their smart box would pay for itself in one year. And that’s just the money side of things. If you weren’t gone all the time and up every night, you’d be more relaxed and would have time to see how good I am at soccer now.

If you need help, I can send an e-mail to Mr Carlson telling him I miss you and that I think this Davicom box will help you a lot in your job (and let you sleep at night!)

Promise me that if you do save that one trip a month, we’ll go out for ice cream with Mom and Jenny.

Your 14 year-old, loving daughter,

Becky Dornster

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