What is the Difference Between the Workspace File and the Configuration File (Cortex series)

The Workspace is the view or Graphic User Interface (GUI) that is created by users to make the site information easier to visualize and understand. Workspaces can be saved to your computer with file names like Eagle-Mtn-iPad-View.dvw. When uploading the Workspace files to a Cortex, they can be sent with the .dvw extension OR with a .zip extension (to save data bandwidth, if necessary). The Cortex can process both types of files.

The Configuration is made up of the different settings, addresses and commands that tell the Cortex what it has to do and in what order. It also is saved as a computer file, with a name like Site123.cfg. This file is also downloaded as a .zip file to conserve bandwidth.

NOTE: In Davicom’s Cortex series, contrary to the previous generation of products, Workspaces can now reside in the Cortex unit itself. This feature not only eliminates the obligation of managing workspace sharing among users of a unit, but it also allows any (authorized) user to connect and have a readily-available workspace that can be matched to his requirements. It is nevertheless strongly suggested to make backup copies of workspaces (and unit configurations) in your PC to avoid losses in case of unit failure or of a site catastrophe. See this article for information on saving workspaces.

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