Using the Built-In Chat Communications Feature

Cortex units offer a unique way for any connected user (except for WebView users) to communicate with other connected users through a chat window. This allows the exchange of short text messages for operational coordination or planning among connected users.

For example, if a user is in control of a Cortex while another user needs to take-over this control, this second user could write in the chat window to identify himself, and ask the first user if he can take control. This first user could then answer accordingly. One could also ask who is in control when the identification of the user is not obvious, such as when using default user names for example.

Another situation where this feature would come in very handy is if no other communications means are available at the site, other than the IP link to the Cortex (no cell phone coverage nor landline phone connection), so that an on-site user and a remote user (at the studio or the NOC) could interact with each other using the chat window.

To start a chat conversation among all on-line user, simply click on the chat icon located at the top right corner of the screen.

Cortex chat icon.

A chat window opens. Write your message in the box found at the bottom of the window, then click on the Send button.

Cortex chat window.

For every message that is sent, date, time, and user name are provided. To erase the contents of a window, click on the Clear All button. Messages that show-up in blue are messages that have been sent from the current unit, while messages in red are ones that have been received on the current unit.

Examples of chat messages exchanged between an Administrator and a Supervisor.

During a chat session, if the chat window is closed, it will not reopen automatically if a new message is received, but the chat icon will turn red. To see the message, click on the chat icon.

A red chat icon means that at least one message has been received and is waiting to be read.

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