Timeout Delays (DVLD-1)

As explained in this article, the DVLD’s normal averaging period is 17 minutes, and this period is fixed in the hardware. The Davicom unit however, has a “Trigger Timeout” period that is added to the basic 17 minute timeout. Since the minimal time settable for the Trigger Timeout in the Davicom is 1 minute, the total minimal timeout period is 18 minutes. The maximal extra delay that can be added here is 99 minutes. The Davicom’s default Trigger value of 10 minutes will therefore produce a total timeout period of 27 minutes. The maximum extra delay that can be added here is 99 minutes.

Noise rejection

In addition to the sophisticated averaging and distance estimation algorithm described above, the DVLD also features an embedded man-made noise rejection algorithm. This feature reduces false alarms that can be caused by electrical arcing, motor noises and other non-natural sources.

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