Input/Output Capacity (DV-200)

This section provides information on the input/output capacity for the models available at the time of publication. Please visit the Davicom web site regularly for the latest news on changes.

Physical input/output capacity for DV-200 models

1 Open collector is not available for the DV-Micro

2 Audio monitoring over the phone only for the DV-Micro

The DV-Micro does not have connectors for audio line outputs, microphone inputs nor Reach-Through Serial Ports. All units of the DV-200 family have a USB host port for connection to an external modem while the DV-208/216 units also have two RS-232 external ports (when the internal modem is not installed). The DV-Mini has one RS-232 external port. The DV-Micro has a USB device port on its front panel for local connection while the DV-208/216 and DV-Mini units have both a USB device port and an RS-232 port.

The DV-Micro Metering Inputs range is fixed at 0-5V while DV-Mini and DV208/216 units can be set to ±2.5V, ±10V or ±20V. You cannot add True RMS detection chips in the DV-Micro nor the DV-Mini units.

Virtual Logic Gates (xVyyy) 128
Virtual Relays (xOyyy) 128
Timers (xHyyy) 128
Metering Mathematical Functions (xFyy) 16

Virtual input/output and math-function capacity for DV-200 models

Metering Inputs (Input Registers) (xMAyyy) 128
Status Inputs (input Status) (xMDyyy) 256
Relays (Output Coils) (xMRyy) 72

Additional physical input/output capacity with Modbus modules

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