How Your DV-200 Unit can Tell You if Its RAM Battery is Getting Low

Davicom units have a user replaceable 3.0V Lithium RAM battery (2L76) to maintain all configuration information stored in the unit during a power outage, moving operations, or shelf storage.

When the RAM battery gets too low, the unit’s configuration information (except users and IP Parameters) will be lost during a power failure, unless the main power source is backed up by a 12V battery or UPS system.

To prevent this, DV-Mini and DV-208/216 units have a Low RAM Battery Flag (1B01) that can be used to send you an alarm and remind you that it is time to replace the battery.

Just put the flag through a VLG and use it to declare a low RAM battery condition.

NOTE: The DV-Micro uses a jumper on analog input 8 (1A08) for the low RAM battery alarm.

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