How to Upgrade MEXM Firmware (DV-200 & DavLink)

You will first need to download the latest firmware from the Software & Firmware page. Make sure to extract the firmware file (Z file) from the zipped folder so you can access it directly.

How to upgrade MEXM firmware in TCP mode

Launch DavLink and connect to the unit as Supervisor. Then, click on the Unit Configuration icon.

Click on the Devices tab.

Go to Davicom Expansions…

Click on the MEXM tab.

Click on Upgrade Firmware.

Click Browse… and select the firmware file in your file browser.

Once the file appears under Firmware File Name, click Upgrade MEXM Firmware.

The firmware will begin upgrading. You should see a green progress bar. When this progress bar is near the end, as pictured below, the screen on the MEXM will display a line turning in a circle. This indicates that the firmware upgrade is actually happening. If none of this happens, check to see if you are really in TCP mode or if you have the correct firmware upgrade file.

Once the green progress bar disappears, you can exit the screen by clicking OK.

You will see that the number next to Firmware Version will not have changed immediately. This is because the Davicom needs some time to communicate with the MEXM and update this.

To update this number, wait at least 30 seconds and then press Read.

The number should now change to the new firmware version you just installed, confirming that the update was successful.

You have now upgraded the MEXM firmware and can exit the configuration screen.

How to upgrade MEXM firmware in RTU mode

Currently unavailable. You must connect to your MEXM unit in TCP mode to upgrade the firmware.

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