How to Upgrade Cortex 360 Firmware

The new generation Cortex 360 units from Davicom are virtually “unbrickable” because the Cortex firmware can be re-installed from a USB image file.

The Cortex 360 also offers stress-free firmware upgrades. The dual-firmware memory slots allow users to roll back to the previous firmware version in case the upgrade creates problems with the current I/O configuration. Performing a firmware rollback recuperates the previous I/O configuration associated with the previous firmware version.

Firmware upgrade:

CAUTION: Please remove all signal and accessory cable connections before doing the Firmware Upgrade and Rescue procedures.

1- Connect to the Cortex 360 unit with a browser (Chrome recommended).

2- Go to System > Administration.

3- Click Firmware Upgrade.

4- Browse to locate the firmware file to use.

5- Select the file and click open to start the upgrade and wait until the unit reboots (3-4 minutes).

6- Reconnect to the unit and confirm the new firmware version is listed as the Current Firmware.

NOTE: Versions shown in the screenshot below may be different than yours.

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