How to Set the Internal Jumpers and DIP Switches (Cortex 360)

Jumpers and switches location on the Cortex 360 main board

1 – Relay/open-collector outputs

The Cortex-360 can control its physical relays, or the transistors acting as relay drivers (open-collector mode).
By default, the eight relay jumpers are set for direct relay operation (RLY position). If you need open-collectors, change the jumpers of the desired relays to OC Mode.

2 – Status input

The status inputs can all be individually set for separate grounds or for internal grounds with pull-up resistors. DIP Switches S11 and S12 select isolated grounds mode (Default is NO on all 16 inputs). DIP switches S9 and S10 select pull-up resistor mode (it is IN by default on all 16 inputs).

3 – Metering input

The Cortex-360 metering inputs can be configured for 4-20 mA operation. To select this mode, place the jumper for the desired metering input in the ON position. By default, the metering input jumpers are set for voltage measurement (OFF position).


This serial port can be configured for RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 operation. By default, the jumpers are set for RS-232 operation.

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