How to Rename a Cortex Workspace Tab

To rename a Cortex Workspace tab (panel), begin by enabling the Edit mode. Click on the small arrow at the top left.

Next, in an empty area of the Workspace, do a mouse right-click, and select Edit from the menu.

In the Properties box that comes up, under Panel Title, set the new name, then click on the Exit arrow.

The tab renaming action is part of the Workspace editing process, and this process takes place solely in the computer’s web browser, not in the Cortex itself. Therefore, for the new tab name to be stored and become effective in the Cortex, the Workspace must first be saved on the PC, and then uploaded (reloaded) into the unit. For more information on how to do this, see the article How to upload a Workspace into a Cortex.

If you try to disconnect from the unit without having previously saved the Workspace, a warning message will offer you the possibility to save it before the disconnection.

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