How to Know When a DV-200 Unit Got its Alarm-Calls Feature Disabled

Davicom units can be have their Alarm-Call feature disabled when doing tests or on-site maintenance, or for any other required purpose.

When disabling this feature, the risk of forgetting about it exists. The problem that would come from forgetting it in this disabled state would be that your Davicom unit would no longer be sending out alarm messages, whether email, SMS, fax or any other programmed means.

Furthermore, it could take some time before someone realizes they are not receiving any alarms from their Davicom. Moreover, if your site already reports few alarms, it could take even more time before realizing this situation.

Davicom units have a flag that monitors the status of the Alarm-Calls state. This Flag comes on every time the AlarmCalls feature is disabled, and this generates an alarm.

The flag ID is 1E01. When used as an operand in a VLG input, it can drive an Alarm-Call List upon activation. The figure below shows exactly how to do that.

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