How to Easily Send SMS Alarm Messages from Your DV-200 Unit to Your Smartphone

If you use a smartphone, did you know that you could easily be receiving alarm text messages from your Davicom units directly on your device (providing there is an IP link at the site) ?

Many cellular providers offer a service called “Email-to-SMS”. This service allows anyone to send SMS text messages to smartphones in exactly the same way as for sending regular emails.

Each cellular provider uses its own “email” format. Very often, the format is made up of the actual 10-digit smartphone number followed by a suffix containing the carrier’s ID. Something that would look like: smartphone_number or

You can enter this “cellular email” address into your Davicom units to allow them to send quick alarm SMS messages right to your smartphone. Simply use the cellular email addresses like regular email addresses.

Here are some examples of popular cellular carrier email to text-message formats:









If your provider is not listed here, you can do a web search.

Note that providers can always change their email-to-SMS scheme, so check with your provider if you are having difficulties receiving text messages from your Davicom. One quick way to verify is by simply sending a test SMS to a smartphone using a regular email program or your computer.

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