How to Create and Edit a Workspace (Cortex series)

You can create or modify workspaces using the built-in graphic design capabilities of the Cortex. Here are some of the unit’s capabilities:

  • Bulk edit grouped graphic elements –
  • Rotate graphic elements at 1° increments
  • Activate (turn on) or deactivate (turn off) two images based on an I/O’s Normal and Active states
  • Set-to-front and Set-to back stack levels for images, graphic elements, and text
  • Associate any I/O with any image, graphic element, or text
  • Use of the most standard image formats (jpg, gif, png, bmp, svg, etc.)
  • Use transparent (“cut-out”) images
  • Use a background image
  • Resize of graphic elements and images, with no loss of quality (vectorization)
  • Simple and easy “Drag & Drop” and “Copy – Paste”

To edit workspaces, you must be logged-in to a Cortex unit, but it is not required to be in control of the unit.

To create or edit a workspace, click on the small arrow found on the left side of the screen: this will activate the Edit Mode. An edition menu will appear. This menu contains the tools you need to built workspaces.

Once you have added an object, right-click on it and then open the Object Edit menu. You can then complete the fields as required, the most important one being the ID field where you must enter the Input ID of the reading in the Cortex that you wish to connect to this graphic object.

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