How to Configure an Alarm Call List (Cortex series)

1. Go to Alarm Call Lists in the System drop-down menu.

2. Select the Alarm Call List you want to configure and click on the configuration button. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be configuring 1ACL1. 

3. You can change the name for this alarm call list. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will keep MAJOR1.

4. Make sure the first line of the list is selected.

5. Set the default description for this line. You can also set an alternate description.

6. Select the alarm transmission method you wish to use first. In this example, we will choose (8) Email with Attach. For more information about the alarm types, please refer to …

7. Enter the telephone number/ IP address/ email address that will be notified on this line when this alarm goes off. 

8. Click Update. It is important you click on this update button before using the save configuration button at the bottom of the window if you want your changes to be applied.

9. You should now see the first line of your alarm call list appear.

10. You can now select the second line to add to the list.

11. Configure the needed fields and click Update.

12. The new line should now also appear in the list.

13. You can continue adding lines as needed.

14. You can move the lines and change the hierarchy of the list by selecting the line you want to move and using the Up/Down arrows on the right.

15. To delete a line, select it and click Erase. You must then also click update to see the line actually disappear from the list.

16. You can choose to Enable “Do List Once”, which means the Cortex will go through all the lines in this alarm call list and stop at the end without starting over. 

17. Save the configuration.

18. Exit the configuration screen.

For more information about the Alarm Call Lists menu, please refer to this article.

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