How to Configure a Status Input (Cortex series)

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be configuring a door contact as an example. This is a Dry Contact Status Input, which means it is dependant of the Cortex’s voltage. However, you can still use these steps to guide you with the configuration of a Status Input in Wet Contact Mode that detects external voltage, but please refer to this article for information on pre-configuration if you haven’t done so already.

1. Go to Status Inputs.

2. Click the + button.

3. In the Descriptions tab, set the Active Default description. This description is used when the Status Input is in its Active state.

4. Set the Normal Default description. This description is used when the Status Input is in its Normal state. 

5. Go to the Actions tab.  

6. Set the Action Type. Here, we will use the MAJOR1 alarm call list we previously configured.

7. Set the Active Level. The Active Level determines when the Status Input will switch into its Active state. This is in direct correlation to the Active and Normal descriptions you set earlier. 

High = voltage detected

Low = no voltage detected

Therefore, if your Active description is set to Door Open, you must set the Active Level to Low because the Cortex will not detect any voltage given that the circuit is open.

8. Save the configuration.

9. Exit the configuration screen.

10. To delete any configured Status Inputs, select the one(s) you wish to delete and click the delete button.

11. You can add other Status Inputs using the + button.

For more information about the Status Inputs menu, please refer to this article.

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