How to Assign a Specific Cortex Workspace to a User

The Cortex allows any of its loaded Workspaces to be assigned to any of its users. Up to 32 Workspaces can be stored in a unit. This feature is useful when using a custom-made Workspace that only displays relevant content, either for a user with limited rights, to match a client’s needs, or simply as personal preferences.

Note that the same Workspace can be assigned to several different users, thereby ensuring that all users can see the same information at the same time, if that is a requirement. Also you can assign different Workspaces to the same person, but with different logins (users). This can be useful when you log in with your smart phone versus logging-in with a computer. The view can be adapted to the platform you use when logging-in.

From the Cortex top menu, go to System > Users. The following Users menu comes up.

Select the user to whom you wish to assign the specific Workspace, then click on the Tool icon (Configuration). You can also do a mouse right-click anywhere on the line listing the user. To assign a Workspace to multiple users at the same time, select all the desired users, then click on the Tool icon, and select the desired Workspace. This also demonstrates the Cortex unit’s powerful bulk edition capability, available throughout the unit’s menus.

Next, the Users Configuration menu comes up. Under Workspaces, select the Workspace to assign to the user. When done, click on the Save icon.

To verify that the Workspace has been set correctly, log out of the unit and log back in using the proper user account, and check that the desired Workspace loads-up and displays.

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