DTPI Toolbox Configuration and Use

The screenshot below shows the Main screen of the DTPI Toolbox when it first starts up. As shown in the screenshot, all fields are blank, except for the default IP address and the SNMP Read and Write communities.

PART 1: Using the DTPI Toolbox

1– Power up the DTPI device using the included AC/DC power adapter.

2– Connect the Ethernet port on the DTPI device to a PC using an Ethernet cable

3– Note that depending on your computer, a cross-connect cable may be necessary.

4– Set the IP parameters in your PC to allow access to the subnet.

5– Click the Detect button at the top of the DTPI window.

6– If the IP settings in your PC are correct, the DTPI information details will be displayed as shown below.

7– Clicking the Read button will display the temperature measured by the connected probes.

PART 2: Setting the DTPI device to your network parameters

1– In the bottom part of the DTPI window, enter the IP Parameters assigned by your IT department. Refer to the example below.

2– Click the Apply button and the following message will appear. Click Yes.

3– Wait until the DTPI device reboots (approx. 30 seconds), enter the new IP address in the Configuration window at the top, and then click Detect.

4– The updated screen will now show the same device details as before, but will display the new IP parameters.

PART 3: Firmware upgrading of the DTPI device

1– To perform a firmware upgrade, click on the Firmware Upgrade tab.

2– Enter the IP address of the DTPI device, and click Detect.

3– Next, click Choose File to browse your computer to find and select the firmware file.

4– Click Upload, and after the file has been uploaded, the confirmation message below appears.

IMPORTANT: If you set the SNMP Mode of the DTPI device to Read Only (GET) for security purposes, you will be unable to change any DTPI parameters. To regain access to SNMP SET functionality, the DTPI must be reset to default parameters by clicking the IP Reset button on the device

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