DADS-1 Operation

The DADS-01 is an intelligent AES switcher that can route any of its AES inputs or its analog input (converted to the AES standard), to its AES output. Switching can be performed automatically or can be controlled remotely. The DADS-01 always scans all inputs (DIGITAL 1, 2 and ANALOG 3), checks the signal levels against the preset parameters and updates the status LEDs/Outputs accordingly.

In automatic mode, the input of highest priority is selected and if this input fails, the DADS-01 automatically switches to the next valid input. The DADS-01 switches back to the previous inputs when they return to normal.

The DADS-01 can be operated locally or can be remotely controlled either using its rear-panel I/Os or its USB port. It is important to mention that remote operation via the USB connector requires Davicom RTUs running firmware version 5.48 or higher. To update your firmware version, please go to the Software & Firmware page.

In case of power failure, all the settings are preserved except those regarding input prioritization in automatic mode. The DADS-01 is also equipped with a relay bypass by which one the two AES inputs is passively switched to the output according to JP16 and JP17 settings.

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