Cortex 320 Rescue Procedure

The new generation Cortex 320/360 units from Davicom are virtually “unbrickable” because the Cortex firmware can be re-installed from a USB image file.

The Rescue procedure to re-flash the Cortex 320 memory with a USB image key is used if the unit becomes unresponsive and you are unable to connect.

CAUTION: Do not install or remove the USB image key when power is connected to the Cortex 320.

Re-flashing the Cortex 320 unit using a USB image key

  1. Download the image file from the Software & Firmware page:
  2. Burn the image to a USB thumb drive using freeware utility Etcher, available at
  3. Disconnect power to the Cortex 320.
  4. Install the USB thumb drive with the image file in one of the USB ports on the rear panel.
  5. Re-connect power and wait until the Activity LED starts blinking rapidly.
  6. Press LOCAL button repeatedly to toggle between UserOnline and Activity LED’s.
  7. Release the LOCAL button when the UserOnline LED is on.
  8. Press the PAUSE button to start the re-flash process.
  9. The PAUSE & LOCAL LED’s will blink for a few seconds to confirm the selection.
  10. The blue LED’s will blink in a specific sequence to indicate the re-flashing operation.
  11. The blue LED’s will stay lit when the re-flashing operation has succeeded.
  12. Disconnect power and remove the USB thumb drive.
  13. Re-connect power and wait until the unit reboots.
  14. Use DavLink to re-connect locally and re-enter your IP Parameters.
  15. If you have a copy of the configuration file, connect to the Cortex 320 and reload the file.

NOTE: The APNS certificate for iOS must be re-installed after a Rescue re-flash procedure.

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