Connections List Explained (Cortex Series)

The Cortex offers several different types of Logs & Lists to keep track of such things as the unit’s operations, selected events, connected users and their actions on the units.

One of these types of list is the Connections screen.  This display provides information about all the users that are currently and simultaneously connected to the unit. It is useful to see who is connected and can potentially make changes to the unit’s configuration (if they have control, of course).It can also be used to see if any users have forgotten to log out of the unit. To access the Connections screen, from the top menu, click on Logs > Connections.

The Cortex Connections screen, showing one online user.

1 – USERNAME: Username of the user.

2 – LEVEL: Access level of the user.

3 – AGENT: Mean by which the user is connected.

4 – ADDRESS: IP address of the device used by the user to connect to the unit.

5 – ACTIVE TIME: Time duration of the user’s current connection.

6 – IN CONTROL: Shows which user is in control of the unit.

7 – ACTION(S): For a user that is in control of the unit and has a higher access level than other online users, a Disconnect button will be available to disconnect any of these users. For example, a Director could disconnect an Administrator or an Operator.

8 – REFRESH/READ: Refresh the screen to display any connection change.

9 – EXIT: Exit screen.

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