Activating Software Options on Cortex 360/320 Units

If you have purchased an SNMP Manager or ModBus option for your Cortex unit, this article will show you how to activate it. Note that each option must be entered separately by loading a software key file in the Cortex unit, but once loaded, the options can all be activated with a single re-boot of the unit.

1- Get feature key from Davicom

2- Save key to PC

3- Connect to unit with at least Administrator-level privileges.

4- Go to the System drop-down menu and select Administration

5- In the Administration window, click on Feature Key

6- From the window that opens, browse to the key location. The file name is a combination of the Cortex unit’s serial number followed by the feature description.

7- Select the key (*.dvc file), then click on Open

8- The key will be transferred into the unit. The Feature Key button in the Administration window will be greyed-out for a few seconds while the Cortex validates the Feature Key file. If your key is valid, this message will pop up and the Feature Key button will become active again.

9- At this point, you can re-boot the unit to activate the option, or you can install other software options by selecting the appropriate DVC file(s) and loading them into the Cortex. Once all the files are loaded, you can perform a single re-boot to enable and activate all the options simultaneously.

10- The Feature status of a unit can be verified from the About window when connected to a unit, or via the front panel display, under System Info

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