About the FMBM

Davicom’s AM/FM Broadcast Monitor (FMBM) is designed to be used as a receiver for on-site and off-site monitoring of broadcast transmitters. It offers a large number of advanced features in a compact, low-cost package. Remotely controllable through Davicom’s line of intelligent site monitoring systems, the FMBM can also be manually configured and operated without a Davicom unit.

The FMBM offers the following features:

  • Synthesized tuning
  • Non-volatile configuration storage
  • On-site monitoring of transmitter power
  • Off-air monitoring of receive signal strength
  • FM deviation measurement and alarms
  • Multiplex Input/Output (model -02 only)
  • Selectable pre-emphasis on analog and digital audio outputs (model -02 only)
  • AES digital audio output option (model -02 only)
  • Carrier frequency measurement and alarms
  • RDS/RBDS decoding
  • Balanced audio output on back panel and headphone output on front
  • Alarm contacts for:
    • stereo absence
    • high deviation
    • low deviation
    • low power
    • carrier frequency drift
  • All alarm levels are settable by the user, locally or remotely
  • Full remote control and monitoring through any Davicom unit via the USB interface
  • EMI / RFI Shielded.

Designed for full and easy integration into the Davicom’s powerful control and monitoring structure, the FMBM gives you the benefit of remotely monitoring the key RF parameters of your AM or FM transmitter to ensure regulatory compliance.

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